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No eReader? No Problem!

Many people think they have to own a Kindle, Nook or other eReader in order to purchase and read electronic books, but that is not the case!  eBooks can be downloaded right onto your desktop or laptop computer!  Many of my friends and family thought they would be unable to enjoy my writings due to not having and eReader and have been thrilled to discover they can enjoy eBooks right on their home computer!

A Haunting Remembrance Book II is being prepared for final editing and will be available very soon!  If you have not yet read A Haunting Remembrance Book I because you do not have an eReader, you can download a copy directly to your computer at Amazon or Smashwords!  It is free to open an account at both places and I will be publishing Book II and my other books at both locations.

Happy reading!


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A Haunting Remembrance Book II Photo Preview–Master Bedroom


Master bedroom from hallway entrance closest to staircase.

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom exit nearest kitchen showing repair on walls due to earthquake damage. Hallway leads to dining room.

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