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Do We Really Have Guardian Angels?

This well known image of a majestic angel guarding her precious charges as they crossed a dangerous bridge hung in the bedrooms of many children while they were growing up.

This image is the most well-known image of a guardian angel.  The majestic angel watches over her precious charges as they navigate a rickety, treacherous bridge.

In my childhood bedroom, my mother hung a large, framed print of the image you see to the left.  She assured me  I had a guardian angel who watched over me and was with me, day and night.  She said the angel was made just for me and belonged to me, and me to her.  This gave me great comfort.  But, was my mother just passing along a superstition? Was it all just a fable passed down through generations of those who believed in the supernatural?  Is the concept of guardian angels simply something parents tell their children to comfort them when they are afraid or do we really have supernatural protection sent from heaven above in the form of angels?  Is the concept of guardian angels even Biblical?  For answers to these questions and more, see my chapter on angels and prepare to be shocked by what the Bible has to about them!


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