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A Haunting Remembrance Book II Photo Record Chapter-“Unraveling”


This photo was taken by Embry’s mother during one of Embry’s bouts with illness.  Embry’s mother was already dying of cancer when this photo was taken. Embry was prone to febrile seizures and with a fever of 104+, too weak to walk, her mother had just given her a sponge bath and placed her on the master bed.  She had been ill for quite some time and had suffered substantial weight loss.  At this point, her belly was distended and she could not eat. She spent over a week sleeping in the master bed with her mother.  Even though her mother was sick with cancer and her immune system was compromised, she would not leave Embry’s side or let her be alone at any time. Fern can be seen in the lower right corner.  She was using her play dishes in an attempt to feed Embry M&M’s.  Embry’s father can be seen resting on the sofa which was placed against the wall in the master bedroom so the girls could be close to their mother when she was too ill to get out of bed.  Embry and Fern often slept together on the sofa. During this particular illness, Embry’s mother became very afraid that something was seriously wrong with her.  Embry remembers her mother crying as she bathed her.  After she was bathed and dressed, her mother retrieved her camera and told Embry she wanted to take her picture.  She asked Embry to smile, but she was simply too weak. The taking of the photo was confusing to her but later her mother explained to her that she was afraid she (Embry) may not make it.

This particular bout with illness was similar to the illnesses experienced by Embry in the chapter titled, “Unraveling” from AHR Book II, only then, her mother would not be there to care for her.


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New Year’s Writing Resolution

Happy 2014!  With the new year and so many writing projects on the table, I have made an author’s resolution to write 1,000 words per day.  A Haunting Remembrance Book II involves a lot of research and answers that Book I may have raised regarding the paranormal and demonic oppression.  Since this is the only paranormal book that I know of coming strictly from an Evangelical Christian perspective, I want to make sure to present my readers with proper and appropriate information.

I also have a new writing tool with which I am experimenting.  It is called Dragon Dictation.  It is a free app that I use with my iPad. I simply dictate the material and convert it to a Word document for editing.  I have just started this process in addition to my 1,000 words a day.  Hopefully, this will boost my productivity!

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A Haunting Remembrance Book I is prepared for the SMASHWORDS Meat Grinder!  

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