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A Haunting Remembrance Book I Photo Record — Sacrifices — The Basement

The stairwell leading to the basement.

The stairwell leading to the basement.


The view from the stairwell into the rest of the basement. This is the exact location where the bat became entangled in Embry’s hair.


The bottom left shows the drain hole where the robed character appeared in Embry’s dreams throughout her childhood. The walls have since been painted white to lighten the room and a large lamp as well as a flash is being used to take this photo. The small door to the right of the furnace is where Embry’s father discovered the bat.


The door leading to the cellar.


The seemingly endless crawlspace. This part of the wall was removed to run ductwork for central air conditioning well after Embry left home.


The cellar. Boxes to the left line the entrance to the expansive network of crawlspaces.


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A Haunting Remembrance Book II Photo Record the “Extra Room”

The “Extra Room” as mentioned in Book I. This is the room where the occult practices began. Photo taken 2014 while home was vacant. Note the appearance of orbs of various sizes. The large ones are a bit more faint, but there are multiple. I do not have an opinion on orbs but additional photos of this room that will appear in Book II are shocking.

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June 24, 2014 · 3:56 pm