The Prodigal’s Parent–Spring 2016

The loss of a child is incomprehensible. When a parent loses a child by death, the typical response of family members, the friends and the church is one of empathy and support. However, when a parent loses a child through the deliberate sin of Biblical dishonor, for some reason, the parent gets very little support, even from the church. In fact, many openly or secretly blame the dishonored parent even when no form of abuse has occurred or is suspected.

The Biblical instruction to obey one’s parents is meant for children. The Biblical command to honor one’s parents is meant for adults. Why did God place this Commandment in the Top Ten along with murder, adultery, lying and stealing?

The Commandment doesn’t say “Honor your father and mother…if…” It doesn’t say “Honor your father and mother …when…” We are simply commanded to honor our father and mother. Period.

The number of prodigals in our society has become epidemic and is definitely contributing to the breakdown of our society.

The Prodigal’s Parent takes a raw and hard hitting look at the response of individuals, as well as the church, when dealing with the parent of a dishonoring prodigal. Why do they not receive the support of parents who lose a child through death? Why do friends, family and church members sometimes blame the parent and make excuses for the sinning adult child? Why are prodigals not held accountable for their actions? Murder, adultery, lying and stealing are still frowned upon in all societies, no exceptions. But, dishonoring your parents is widely accepted in today’s American society, even in the church.



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