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Angels. Who are they? Where do they come from? What is their purpose?

The above historical image better illustrates the Cherubim and/or Seraphim as described in the Bible. A far cry from the plump, rosy cheeked, winged toddlers often portrayed in pop culure and modern mysticism.

The above historical image better illustrates the Cherubim and/or Seraphim as described in the Bible. A far cry from the plump, rosy-cheeked, winged toddlers often portrayed by pop culture.

When we hear the word ‘angel’, our mind’s eye conjures up an image that may not be entirely accurate.  In A Haunting Remembrance Book II, an entire chapter is dedicated to answering questions about angels from a Biblical perspective. There have been many requests for me to publish this chapter on my blog.  Prior to the book going live, for a limited time, the chapter on angels will be available on this blog.  Please click on the above page, “Angels” and prepare to be shocked by what the Bible says about these amazing, powerful, and majestic beings.


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Statue of Demon Baphomet Unveiled During History’s Largest Public Satanic Ceremony


July 25th, 2015–Detroit, Michigan

During what is being dubbed the “Largest Public Satanic Ceremony in the World”, an almost 9ft. tall bronze statue of the demon Baphomet was unveiled (photo above).  The bronze statue was unveiled by the satanic church called, The Satanic Temple.  Satanists and curious individuals were allowed to purchase tickets to witness the unveiling and were even allowed to have photos taken of themselves sitting on the lap of the satanic idol.


Who is Baphomet?  The origin of Baphomet has a lengthy and controversial history, much too lengthy to write about in this short blog.  In today’s culture, Baphomet symbolizes one entity, Satan.  The Devil himself.

No doubt we are living in perilous times, but how concerned should we be about such a public display of Devil worship?  I think it should be noted, taken into account and certainly be discussed within your family and church, but we must remember, the Devil and his unclean spirits need us, our bodies, to do wicked in this world.  In 1 Peter 5:8, the Bible says:  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour...”.  The Devil is our enemy.  He wants to devour us, mind, body, and soul, and he does this through our sin.  There would no adultery, murder, lying, dishonor of parents, or idolatry without our human bodies being used as tools of evil.  The Devil, who is likened to a hungry lion that wants to eat us, is cunning and powerful but we are instructed as to how we are to handle him.  The Bible, in James 4:7, says:  “Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  Yes.  It is that simple. The Bible does not say for us to run from the Devil (lion).  It says we are to resist the lion, and THE LION WILL FLEE.  That is great news for those concerned about the enemy. So how are we to resist such a formidable foe?  By submitting to God.  Note that in order to be able to resist him, we must submit to God, Who then gives us the strength to resist temptation and withstand attacks from the enemy.

While the Devil is real and powerful, he is a being who is created by God.  The creation is never equal to the Creator.  God gives us the tools for victory over this adversary, we just have to be willing to use them.

Submit and resist.  The lion will flee.

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“Charlie, Charlie Challenge” : Divination and Necromancy Sweeping the Globe

There is a new occult, demonic phenomenon sweeping the nation that is especially popular with naïve and unsuspecting youth.  If you have not heard about it, ask your children, as they probably have.  It is called the Charlie, Charlie Challenge.  It is an act of divination similar to the Ouija Board in that a subject attempts to contact a spirit or demon named Charlie.  After achieving contact with the entity, the subject then asks questions of the demon and waits for answers.  This “game” is sweeping the globe with individuals videotaping and posting their alleged interaction with the demon named Charlie.

The Bible strictly prohibits divination and necromancy.  In fact, the Bible calls it an abomination.  While most of these activities will not result in contact with demonic entities, if it does happen, as in the case of my family, the results can be disastrous.

Divination is a very dangerous activity.  Not only does it put one at risk of demonic oppression, it places us at odds with a Holy God.

Divination is not a game.

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A Haunting Remembrance Book I Photo Record “Leftover”


In AHR Book I, in the chapter titled, “Leftover”, Embry describes being forced to sleep outside of closed door room due to her grandfather moving in with the family. Initially, Embry slept on the pictured couch which was covered with a blanket and her Road Runner cartoon pillow.


After a while, Embry’s parents bought her a cot on which to sleep. This was before her bed was moved into the dining room. The photo shows Embry at bedtime. At bedtime, Embry’s mother often sat a bit with them and often shared things with Embry while they both watched over Fern. This was a special time for Embry and her mother and she took the opportunity to take a photo this particular evening.

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No eReader? No Problem!

Many people think they have to own a Kindle, Nook or other eReader in order to purchase and read electronic books, but that is not the case!  eBooks can be downloaded right onto your desktop or laptop computer!  Many of my friends and family thought they would be unable to enjoy my writings due to not having and eReader and have been thrilled to discover they can enjoy eBooks right on their home computer!

A Haunting Remembrance Book II is being prepared for final editing and will be available very soon!  If you have not yet read A Haunting Remembrance Book I because you do not have an eReader, you can download a copy directly to your computer at Amazon or Smashwords!  It is free to open an account at both places and I will be publishing Book II and my other books at both locations.

Happy reading!

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A Haunting Remembrance Now Available!

A Haunting Remembrance is now available at Smashwords and will go live at Amazon in 10 hours!  You can download the first 20% of the book free to sample!  Smashwords also provides a Kindle edition! 

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I am very appreciative of the great team that I have working to make A Haunting Remembrance a reality! 

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